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Candidates who apply for positions through RecruitersBackOfficeTM have the advantage of knowing everything there is about the job before giving up valuable time to interview. You will know immediately from our "e-view onlineTM" (position specific screening interview) whether you have the necessary experience and skills sought for the position as well as being able to review a complete and detailed position specification.

No more wasted time in interviewing for positions that are not suitable or have no interest - which traditionally you would not know until you have your face-to-face meeting.

Questions the screening interview will answer:

  • Does the job fit what you are looking for?
  • What specific skills and experience are required?
  • What are the level of responsibilities the position offers?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • And, of course, what are the compensation and benefits?

The "e-view onlineTM" will prepare you for an in-person interview with the client. The process will give you insight into exactly what the client is seeking in a candidate and you will, therefore, be better prepared to answer questions and know what questions to ask.

The basics, having already been dealt with through "e-view-onlineTM", enable the face-to-face meeting to become more productive and deal with other important issues concerning a potential working relationship versus the traditional "first meeting" that does not have the benefit of both parties having a complete "profile" of one another prior to sitting down together.

RecruitersBackOfficeTM - bringing the right candidate to the right job!

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